To Ask or Not to Ask

Did you know that asking for something is one of the hardest things to do? Think about it for a minute, is it easy for you to ask for something? Whether asking for a cup of coffee, a seat on the bus, or a ride to the store, when you ask something of someone you are making yourself vulnerable.  Even asking someone to stop talking puts control into their hands.

Personally, I do not like asking for anything, be it help or passing the pepper. Imagine asking for a girls (or boys) hand in marriage…. WOW! You just put yourself out there.  What if they say no?  😢What if they say yes!🤔 That is a huge commitment, are you sure you are ready? It shows real devotion. 💖

In contrast, asking for money can be equally hard. 💰 You are saying that you are unable to provide for yourself or family and need help.  This can be devastating. It takes a strong man or woman to ask. 💪

So,  next time someone asks something of you,  think about what it took for that individual. Asking of anything speaks volumes.  💞

Make it a great day!

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  1. rayneq04 says:

    Love this so much 😊 all noted. thanks for sharing!

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