Angels Of Taurus

ANGELS OF TAURUS    The Angel Asmodel and the Archangel Chamuel rule the sign of Taurus. These angels bring the attributes of patience, reliability, practicality, persistence and peace.    Asmodel … Source: Angels Of Taurus

Driving Force

What is the driving force that gets you out of bed in the morning, that motivates you to carry on? Is it family, job/career, image, or maybe all the above. If most of us were honest with ourselves, the inherent need to be wanted, loved, adored, and accepted by others is probably near the top…

Make it a Great Day!

Pre-dawn. The time of peace and solitude when the moon has gone to bed and the sun has yet to wake up. When the trees and plants are still asleep, moist with dew and creatures of all sizes are holding on to the last few moments of slumber.  Cool and calm, it is a perfect…

Rise and shine, just not at 2am!

So for the last week or so, my body has been up to its old antics, 2-3am rise and shine. What is that all about?  Well, I did a little research into the issue.  Most of which was not super helpful to me personally because I do not change well, however, may help some of…

How Gratitude Changes the Brain – By Sarah Chauncey

Originally posted on Kindness Blog:
The thing about living in Canada is that we have (sort of) two Thanksgivings. Americans probably don’t notice ours, which comes in early October, but it’s impossible to miss the cascade of Facebook posts, news articles and—if nothing else—the onslaught of holiday music that marks American Thanksgiving. A few years ago,…

His Words, Her Reaction

Originally posted on The Broken Specs:
Sometimes He says He loves me.. Sometimes He says He does not.. Sometimes He says maybe.. And I don’t care anymore. (She Smiles) 🙂 Tweeting: @smileeplz

Friendly Dinnertime turned Political

So, this weekend we had some friends over for dinner. It will be fun we said. Things will be great we said. Yeah, well, kinda.  The first to arrive was the oldest male part of the family, we will call him ‘Douche’ for anonymity sake.  So Douche is chit chatting away and knowing that the…

How do you write?

“Never judge a book by the thickness, but, only by the content.” -Kerry Miller

Social Media Complaint

It used to really bother me when people would vent via social media and I guess on some level it still does. However, it is only certain type of venting. For example, when calling out another person, shaming someone human or animal, or spewing judgmental words and hate. Social Media gets a bad rap often…